Tools and Props For Your VIPKID Classroom

This is the kind of job that can be done with relatively little, if you already have a good computer and internet.  And starting out, it's maybe a good idea not to invest too much at first.  But if you want to make this a fairly long term gig and you want to make a good amount of money at it, you will need to invest in some tools.  Most of which are really fun.

Teachers at VIPKID are independent contractors, so we are responsible for our own tools.  I'm going to break these into four categories:

1.  Things you absolutely must have.

2.  Things that aren't required, but you really should have.

3.  Things that are very helpful to have.

4.  Things that I love, but are nowhere close to necessary.

In addition to those four categories, there are also reward systems.  You can go really simple on these, but you may attract more students by having cool reward systems.  You don't need to spend a fortune, though.

Keep in mind that pretty much any teaching job includes putting your own money into the extras, and sometimes, the necessities.  Every teacher brings their own personality into their classroom.  And that's where the fun lies.

You can access the pages to each of the above categories by clicking the links below.  Have fun!  (And if you're currently a VIPKID teacher and have things you think I should add to these lists, please let me know.  I'm always open to input and I'll credit you with the suggestion.)