An effective reward file should always include a cat.  🙂

Reward Systems for Your VIPKID Classroom

During classes, we have stars we can give on the system, which children can use to buy things at the VIPKID store.  In addition, we give our own personal, virtual rewards to the kids to encourage them, add to the fun, break up concentration, and show them their progress throughout the lesson.

There are so many things you can use as reward systems.  There have been times where I've just gone through my house and looked for anything that I have a variety of.  Chinese kids love to see American things ... and we love to see their things, too.  I'll show you some things here which are typical reward systems, as well as some that I don't know of anyone else using.  Have fun!  (I'm still working on these pages and have a lot more to add, so keep checking back for ideas.)

Sticker Boards

Sticker boards are one of my favorite kind of reward systems.  They work great with all ages.  I cover the stickers with Con-Tact paper (clear, of course) and use Sticky Tack to make them stick to the boards.  I have not needed to cover the boards, as they are already fairly heavy and have a glossy finish.


reward farm 2

When I get out the next animal, after I show it to them on the scene, I show them any other animals they've earned.  So we might review:  Cow, sheep, cat, mouse, frog ...  This way, they learn even more words.  If I use this same scene on their next lesson, I will ask them if they remember the names.  Throughout the lesson, as we add animals, they will tell me what the animals are.  If I have them for yet another lesson that week, we will add descriptors:  Green frog, gray mouse, orange cat, etc.


By doing this, I'm not only giving the child a fun reward, but I'm also adding value to the class:  The kid gets to learn all these new words that weren't in the lesson ... and the parents are thrilled.  I send the list of words in my feedback to the parents, so they can work on these words with their child as well.  I try to hold up the completed scene at the end of class, so it's easy for the parents to find on the recording for review.


Another great thing about these sticker boards is that they come with tons of stickers.  So I might use the minimal 5 stickers with one child, but have time and reason to use 7 or 8 with another child.

reward farm 4

Here's how I use them.  At the beginning of class, I say, "If you listen and look and talk, you will get ..." (pause for effect, and I hold the background up to the camera) "... a farm!"  I do make this really dramatic and the kids get into it.  


As the class progresses, I will bring out an animal (let's say a cow) and say, "You get ... a cow!"  (Hold the cow up to the camera.)  I put the cow onto the farm scene, then I hold it up to the camera so they can see it clearly on the scene.  "A cow!"  (Wait for them to repeat it.  If they're young, I might moo, too.) 

Reward 1
reward farm 3
reward story boards

Occasionally, just for fun, I'll be creating a story throughout the lesson at reward times with one of these boards and I'll throw in something unexpected.  For example, I might say that it's the pig's birthday.  So the next thing they get is a spaceman in his flying saucer.  (I put it in the sky on the board.)  For their next reward, I will show them that the flying saucer lands behind the corn stalks -- just barely sticking out -- and the spaceman comes out.  The next reward might be a dinosaur carrying balloons toward the pig.  


When a child demonstrates that they like something in particular, such as Despicable Me -- I have one student who brings his Despicable Me stuffed toy to each class -- I keep a lookout for anything I can use especially for them.  Though I do use it with other students as well.  You can use the sticker board backgrounds to make these characters into a story, too.  I happened to get these at Target, but you can find special stickers all over the place.  These are not big, as you can see on the page with the other stickers.  That's okay.  You hold them up to the camera and they are plenty big.

I've gotten almost 20 different sets of these sticker boards from the Dollar Tree.  You just have to keep your eye out for them, as they have different ones at different times.  I will use the same sticker board for an entire week, building on it, lesson after lesson, for those children I have more than once in a week.  They are easy to use and lots of fun.

reward stickers 1
rewards sticker boards 3

I'll usually cover stickers from several books at a time.  It's just easier.  Lay out some Con-Tact paper.  Put your stickers face down on it, with space around them.  Lay another sheet of Con-Tact paper over them.  The reason I lay them face down is because I have a sheet that doesn't have wrinkles.  When I lay the second sheet over them, sometimes it gets wrinkles, as it may stick to the first sheet before you want it to.  If there are wrinkles on the back of the stickers, there's no harm done.

reward cars 3

A different type of sticker board, also from the Dollar Tree.  You can find similar types at Amazon ... but why pay more than a dollar when you don't have to?

reward other sticker boards

I also paint my own backgrounds.  For this princess castle, I found princesses online and cut them out, covered them with Con-Tact paper, and I use them in the same way. I did an ocean scene, too.


Cute story:  I was using this castle with several princesses with one little girl.  After about three princesses, she started screaming uncontrollably.  It was obviously about the princesses, but I had no way of knowing what had upset her.  She is just 3 years old and was starting to learn English.  Her mom doesn't know English either, but she typed in the chat box in Chinese and I quickly googled the translation.  It turned out the little girl wanted a prince.  How dare I have princesses and no prince to go with them?  So before the next class with her, I found a prince, a dragon, a knight, and a King and Queen.  And we all lived happily ever after.

Things I couldn't live without.  I really think I should own stock! I cover all the pieces of my reward systems, and they can be used over and over and over. Use some sticky tack on the back. A lot of teachers use laminators and that's okay, but you're going to have to cut out all those little pieces anyway. And how do you stick a bunch of little pieces through a laminator? Con-Tact paper just works better -- clear, obviously.

Use on the back of your reward pieces to put them onto a metal cookie tray. 🙂 Flexible Magnet Squares with Adhesive.

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