Welcome God's Love and Linger In His Embrace



Read, study, learn, be challenged and encouraged.  Alyce-Kay and others share what God is showing them, what they are struggling with and the victories God brings.



Coaching is a great way to get help working through issues in a practical way, work toward goals (spiritual and other), get the personal encouragement and help you need, working one-on-one with a qualified coach.


Find webinars, teleseminars, correspondence courses.  Some are free, others cost.  Some can be taken for future credit in what will eventually be Hineni School of Ministry (previously known as SoD or School of Discipleship).


We love to put together retreats for you as an individual, couple, group of friends, or larger group.  You can have your retreat at home or someplace special.  Alyce-Kay can come in person as a speaker or join your group by Skype.

Nurture Intimacy With God

     We like to offer a variety of ways to nurture your relationship with God, because, just like with any other relationship, variety adds spice and makes it more interesting.  Going someplace new, being with people you don't know or having an opportunity to really dig in with a group of friends can add another dimension and intensity to your walk.  

     Reading the blogs, thinking about them, allowing them to challenge and encourage you is one of the first steps for most people.  We'd encourage you to journal about what you read in the blogs.  You can keep this completely private, or you can venture out and share your thoughts in the comments or by contacting us.  

     One-on-one coaching can help you reach both spiritual and other goals by working through obstacles, setting attainable goals, strategizing how to meet them, and getting upbeat accountability and encouragement through the process.  Alyce-Kay generally works in 100-day segments so that you can make big changes without wearing yourself out.  This is a great way to jump-start success.


     Join a class to go deeper.  Teleseminars and webinars are live events which often include assignments to help you dig deeper.  Correspondence courses can be done at your own pace.  Our vision is to eventually offer Hineni School of Ministry as an opportunity to learn to use your gifts in a robust manner, built on a foundation of solid biblical teaching.  

     Plan to join a retreat we offer or have one custom made.  We love to do retreats for groups of friends, larger groups, couples, and individuals.  You can come stay at one of the many lovely inns here on the Eastern Shore, have us come out to lead your retreat, or arrange for us to join you by Skype.  An individual retreat can be a beautiful time of pressing in to God in a more profound way than you've ever imagined.  Alyce-Kay will work with you ahead of time to determine where you are and what would benefit you most.  Then, she'll plan if for you to do completely alone or with her guidance.

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