Alyce-Kay's Paintings

Put reminders of God's will and His ways on your walls to help you remember what He's taught you, how He's rescued you, how He's provided, and what He's brought you through.  It's easier to say Hineni when you remember why you trust Him. Click on a painting you like, to learn more about it, including size and purchase price.   Some of these are paintings which are for sale; others are pieces I've made specifically for someone and are here just to give you an idea of what can be done.  I love to create custom paintings for people, to remind them of specific Scriptures, events, or lessons God has given them.  Contact me if you'd like to talk  to me about doing something for you.

Wittenberg Castle Church, where Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses 500 years ago on October 31, 2017, igniting the Protestant Reformation. The winds of reformation blow through the atmosphere in the form of the battle hymn of the Reformation: A Mighty Fortress is Our God. Angels guard the church.

If you can tell me the five solae of the Reformation, I'll give you 10% off.  If you're a pastor or getting it for a pastor, an extra 5% off.

Wisdom Series

Paintings with an intricate design which include a lot of text.  Some are from Scripture; some are from other wisdom literature.  The text is written throughout the design, which is great for meditating on God's Word, keeping children occupied, or memorizing a passage.  Many of these are 8x10 inches -- small enough for a child to hold at nap time.  You may, of course, request a passage or poem (uncopyrighted) or hymn of your choice and in your favorite colors.  This would also be a great keepsake for wedding vows or a special love letter.


Memorialize a special event, a life verse, a lesson learned, or something you want to work on.  Request a verse or other text and I will illustrate it for you.

Add A Verse

Add your choice of Scripture, poem, hymn, or sentiment ... or leave as is.  You may order one that's already painted or have me make one up special for you.  These are just examples. As with any painting, I'm happy to include a recipient's name in the text as well.  The castle painting is an example of one without the verses added and then painted with the verses.  The child's name was added to the flag after the picture was taken.  In the case of the elephant, the letters to the word elephant and the child's name are hidden in the design, along with a number of shapes the child is instructed to find.

The Blessing

The Aaronic Blessing of Numbers 6:24-26 is special to Bill & me.  We say it to each other sometimes as part of our prayer.  It's a popular church benediction and a wonderful grace for family and guests.  These make beautiful wedding or housewarming gifts.

Tapestry Verses

Painted to look kind of like a ragged old tapestry, these verses make nice gifts or personal reminders of Scriptures which are dear to your heart.  These are available for sale or ask me to paint your favorite in colors to fit your decor.

More Verses

Feel free to ask me to paint any verse, poem, hymn ... as long as it's not copyrighted.  Your favorite colors and size.

Just Because

You don't need a reason to just have fun.  Have a favorite animal, flower, an original poem?  Let me interpret it into something that will make you smile.