Isaiah Cadre Series

A close knit group of students from Westmont College demonstrate what it's like to live in community through everything life throws at them.  The series starts while they're in college and continues throughout their lives.

Definitely not perfect people, but growing Christians with their own individual challenges and struggles.  Alyce-Kay brings up some pretty hard questions about life and our relationship to God that really makes one reflect.
~Vickie Ott
The stories took me by surprise and left me in suspense.  I love how these books have also taught me things spiritually and about life, love, peace, grace, friendships, relationships, family and life dynamics.  These stories are also giving me tools on how to grow as a person and a Christian.  ~ Yurri
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There are three versions of the first book.  The one you probably want is Spring Forth.  This is the revised version of Beauty for Ashes and is most powerful.  If you are starting a group in your church or with a combination of men and women, you will most likely want the Gentle Version of Spring Forth.  This version describes the trauma in less detail, is more appropriate for teens, and less awkward in mixed company.  The original version, Beauty for Ashes, is still available for groups that started before the Spring Forth Revision.  (Feel free to contact me with questions.)  A study guide is available for both Spring Forth and Beauty for Ashes.

And more to come!

I have about 40 books planned for this series.