Instant Downloads and Email Series

Instant downloads are in pdf format, unless you request otherwise.  Email series are a course, study, or other sequence of emails which you will receive on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on the series.  For specifics about each of these, or to purchase, click on the picture or the title.  Keep checking back for more!

Search For Hidden Treasure Bible Reading Program/Journal (269 pages)

This is not a Bible study.  Search for Hidden Treasure is the type of program which is foundational to good study of the Bible. Too often, we set out to dig into the Word, to study every phrase and nuance, without any idea of the wider picture. The idea is to read through the Bible to gain context and perspective, to see the whole picture. Used as intended, this will become a treasured spiritual journal.

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This Week's Menu (Email Series)


This is a 6-part email series course, which teaches the participant about organizing their cooking so that all dishes are ready to be served at the same time.

Email Series



Christian Passover Email Series

A 23-part email series which includes everything from my book, Next Year In New Jerusalem ... and more! Print all the copies of the Seder script that you need for your and your guests, as well. (Adorable children not included. You will have to provide your own.

Email Series



Next Year In New Jerusalem (Instant Download)

Complete instructions for a Christian celebration of Passover. Scripted ceremony includes fulfillment of Passover prophecies through Christ, footwashing, and the Lord's Supper in the Passover context. Over 150 Bible references provide an easy guide for optional in-depth study. 

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