Meet Alyce-Kay .....


•  Met the love of my life online, 2014
•  5 grown children, 7 grandkids
•  I crave chocolate and spinach
•  Gilmore Girls addict

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Alyce-Kay (2)


•  Painting                      •  Conversation
•  Reading                      •   Yoga & Qigong
•  Sewing                        •   Time with Bill
•  Movies

Favorite Quote:

"Love is vulnerable and can be hurt; but with Christ's love inside, a healing can take place."  
                                             ~ John S. Matson

Who am I?  


I’m passionately addicted to God, despite some pretty bad experiences in church.  I’m a girl who is cherished by God, even though I tried to scare Him away.  I’m ardent about helping you trust Him and discover that He wants to lavish you with His affection.  If you have had experiences that should turn you off from God, but you still feel drawn toward Him … we need to talk.


I'm a hot mess, but my husband is totally crazy about me ... and that gives me a ton of hope and joy.


I write a blog you'll hopefully find challenging and reassuring.  There are probably things you can relate to ... and other things that might make you wonder where I'm coming from.  (It's okay to ask!)  But ideally, it will make you think deeply, question, and give you some tools to explore your faith, your struggles, and solutions.  My heart's desire is to occasionally inspire you, too.


I offer coaching so we can work on your goals … whether it’s getting your house more organized … or needing to make lifestyle changes to deal with depression … or learning to be a support to your wife who spends 24/7 raising your kids … or positioning yourself to spend the best years of your life leaving an astounding legacy.


I create custom journals and tailor-made retreats for groups or individuals to help you dig deeper and work through obstacles that might be standing in your way.  My goal is to give you some tools and a setting that will encourage you to strive to be all that you’re created to be: Completely and totally amazing.


I paint and make jewelry that illustrates and reminds you of the victories you’ve had and the vision God has spoken about you.


We’re in this together, my friend.