About Our Team

Our mission is to inspire and encourage you to respond to God, as He draws you near to Himself. If you feel like maybe God has turned His back on you, or His people have, we are particularly passionate about coming alongside you.


Alyce-Kay Ruckelshaus



Bill Ruckelshaus

Most Wonderful Man
in the World


Kathleen Uhler

Spiritual Healing

"My greatest passion in life is to see people unleashed to be who God calls them to be.  That's what's behind my teaching, my writing, etc.  It's why my heart drags me to broken people.  Those of us who have been wounded and broken are the ones God mends and heals.  He whispers His greatest dreams into our hearts.  It's the brokenness that makes us more pliable, once the brittleness is gone.  And it's the emptiness that enables us to be filled."

Alyce-Kay (2)



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