Who Will You Be in Five Years?

You know how they say that in five years you’ll be like the five people you spend the most time with?  So who do you spend your time with and what are you going to be like?  Are you being intentional about this?


If you’re like me, one of your intentions for 2018 … heck, for LIFE! … is to grow closer to God, spiritually deeper, and live your faith out in a practical and loving manner.  It’s a great intention, but are you hanging out with people who live that way?


It’s becoming difficult in our culture to find people who are radical in their faith — who really put feet to their beliefs.  It’s one thing to say you believe something, and quite another thing to live it.  So it’s hard to find people to hang out with who live this out.


This is why I’m writing the Isaiah Cadre books.  You know how much stories influence you.  For example, I love, love, love Tom Clancy books.  (Think:  Hunt for Red October.)  But I can’t read his books because there is so much swearing in them.  I really get involved in his stories.  They become my world while I’m reading them.  And guess what?  That language comes out of my mouth.


What if the stories you were reading formed a “world” where your friends are people who live out their faith in tough circumstances?  They struggle, just like you.  They blow it, just like you.  But they really want to follow God and they encourage each other in that endeavor.  They pick each other up when they fall.  They’re there for each other.  They grow together as they grow closer to God.  This is the “world” of Isaiah Cadre.


So you read the books and you’re influenced by the characters.  Some of them wear off on you.  But let’s take it further.  What if you could actually take the Isaiah Cadre world and make it your world?  What if you could form a group with other people who also want to live a radical faith?


This is what the study guides are for!  Yes, you can use them by yourself, journaling the questions.  And that will certainly help you grow in your faith.  But you can grow so much more and become so much stronger in community.  Gather a group of like-minded friends, people you can trust, who also want to grow stronger and live out their faith.  Form your own cadre.  Do the study guide together.  Take the courses and either attend some retreats or build your own.  (I can help.)


What will happen?  You’ll bring the Isaiah Cadre world into your real world!  You and your friends will become people who live out your faith in tough circumstances.  You’ll struggle … and grow from those struggles.  You’ll blow it … and learn from your mistakes.  You’ll pick each other up when you fall.  You’ll be there for each other.  And you’ll grow together as you grow closer to God.


How awesome will that be?


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