A Great Gift to Encourage Children’s Creativity

I’m excited to announce that my first children’s book, Eli’s Gang, is available on Amazon, as of last night! 🙂 It should make it to you before Christmas if you order soon. (And it’s eligible for Amazon Prime, of course.)


This book has been two years in the making. It’s about some cousins who visit their grandparents and get involved in an art theft. They have to solve the mystery in true whodunit fashion. In the process, they learn some art appreciation skills and they try their hand at making artist trading cards.


What are artist trading cards?


I had learned about these not long before I started writing this book, so I had a lot of fun researching and exploring.  Artist trading cards technically are not to be sold … they are only to be traded.  Sometimes, artists trade cards with each other.  Sometimes, they use them almost like a business card.  The cards can become quite valuable …. depending on the artist, of course.
There are groups you can join to trade your cards.  Usually, this involves sending a certain number of cards to the person in charge.  They can be cards you’ve made or ones you’ve collected.  (This is usually specified in the rules.)  When everyone has sent theirs in, the cards will be mixed up and you’ll receive the same number you sent.  It’s fun to see what you get!
Artist trading cards are 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches, so they’re really the perfect size for kids to try their hands at.  They can be a design or a picture.  You can use paint, pen, tissue paper … or anything you want to create your cards.

Encourage Your Kids to Develop Their Artistic Abilities

Giving this book to children you know is a great way to inspire them to develop and enjoy their creativity.
You could give them the book … and also give them some blank artist trading cards and maybe some nice pens or paints.
You could even make some cards yourself to start their collection.  The (blank) cards to the left are the ones I’ve ordered to give to my grandkids with their copies of my book.
I’m also giving them some protective sheets with pockets so they can organize and protect their cards in a binder.  I’m hoping to encourage them to trade cards with each other, and maybe even with friends or in a mail-in group.
I’ll tell you more about the book in another post, but I just had to share about this tonight.  I’m very excited about this!
I hope your Christmas season is turning out to be wonderful.
Bill has been away for two weeks and gets home late tomorrow night.  I’m anxious for him to be here.  This is the longest we’ve been apart and it’s been very difficult.  I can’t wait to see him!
Love and Merry Christmas,
PS – Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested, or share on social media and help me spread the word.  Thanks!
 In honor of Eli, our border collie, and one of the stars of this book, we thought you might enjoy this video highlighting border collies.  They are very smart, lively dogs.

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