What the Heck is Hanukkah? (Hanukkah, part 1)

For the next few days, I’m going to talk about Hanukkah because … well, it’s one of my favorite holidays!


But I thought you were a Christian!?


Yes, I am.  Unrelentingly.  But as a Christian, my roots are in Judaism.  I don’t have to celebrate the Jewish holidays, but … why not?


But why?  Because I love anything that reminds me of God’s goodness.  I need all the reminders I can get.  There is so much in life that takes our focus away from what’s really important.  I have always needed help remembering.  (But even more so, post-Lyme.)


And because I need the reminders, I’m thinking … maybe you do, too?  So for the next few days (eight, including today) I thought I’d share with you some of the really cool things about Hanukkah and what it says to me.  Maybe those things will resonate with you.


In the meantime, Mayim Bialik has a really fun summary for you.



For tonight, you need 2 candles.  Yes, it’s the first day of Hanukkah, but you need two.  The first candle is your servant candle.  Use it to light the other.  Turn off the lights and do something fun with your family until the candles have burnt themselves out.


To read part 2, go here.

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