Your True Identity

Best thing I learned this month: DO NOT ACCEPT the identities other people try to put on you. Your only true identity is what God says about you.


Yes, you are imperfect. He knows that, He accepts that, He expects it and He isn’t shocked by it. In fact, He loves you (and me!!!) with all our failures, mistakes, scars, baggage, and “oh shit” moments, months, and years.


No one else knows you like He does. No one else has suffered for you like He has. No one else’s opinion is worth anything. CHOOSE to ignore them. Put your fingers in your ears and whistle if you have to, but do not dignify them with your attention.


Instead, melt into and fully accept His assessment, His love, the way He treasures and cherishes you.


He knows your potential. He knows what you were trying to do when everyone else misunderstood and condemned you. He knows how badly you messed up your past … and it doesn’t change His love for you one bit.


Other people want to keep you in your worst moments and make that your identity. Some even go out of their way to believe the worst about you. Not Him. He knows you, He loves you, He infinitely pours Himself into you. He never gives up and He never stops loving you.



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