American Heritage

One of the things that I’m using as research for Summon Forth the Generations is David Barton’s American Heritage DVD series.  This is giving me a lot of great information about the motivation for the American Revolution and the people involved in it.  
If you love American history or want to learn more about it, you will hear quite a different perspective in this series than you heard in school.  One of the things Barton shows is how the emphasis and perspective of teaching history has changed … and that has colored our perception of our history as Americans.  It has also strongly affected the culture and laws of our country.




If you’re anxiously waiting for Summon Forth the Generations (the next book in the Isaiah Cadre Series), this DVD series will whet your appetite and give you a greater understanding of what Lambert Wilkes experienced.  It will make you yearn for our nation’s greatness to be restored and it will send you to your knees.




If you homeschool, then as a 23-year homeschool teacher, trainer, and principal myself, I would highly recommend using this series as part of your curriculum.   


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