Winds of Reformation, Part 1

What’s so important about October 31st?  It’s not just Halloween!
On October 31, 1517, a priest named Martin Luther nailed a list of grievances to the door of his church … and set the Christian world on fire!
His intention was to reform the Church from within, but because of the level of corruption at that time, he was unable to do so.  As a result, he and eventually many others, left the Church as it then existed and began the Protestant Reformation.
That’s a very simplified version of the story, but it gives you the gist.  Over the next few weeks, I hope to share with you more about this extraordinary man.
Something you may not know is that he wrote one of the hymns that most Christians are familiar with:  A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.  This moving hymn speaks of spiritual warfare, of trusting God through difficult times, and of standing with our values.  It was something Luther lived out in ways many of us could not even imagine.

To honor Martin Luther and commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, I’ve created a 16×20 painting — and I’d love to create more.


In this particular one, I’ve painted the Castle Church at Wittenburg, where Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door 500 years ago.  Angels surround the church, ready to witness the Reformation.  The words to A Mighty Fortress are designed as gusts of wind in the air above the church.


This would make a great gift for a pastor.  In fact, I’m offering 10% off if the buyer can tell me the five solas of the reformation (open book: check on google) … and an additional 5% if you’re buying it for a pastor.  These discounts will also apply to custom orders for a reformation painting … and I never discount custom orders.  Click on the picture for more information about the painting and how to get it or have one created for you.


(PS – This painting sold within half an hour of offering it, but I can do a few more in time for Pastor Appreciation and the 500th Anniversary.  Just send me a message.  The discounts are still offered through October 31st, 2017.)


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