The Big Project We’ve Been Dying to Tell You About

It all started back in July, a year ago.  I had just gotten home from work, a job I had expected to be delightful, which was a huge disappointment.  As we sat chatting about our day, Bill casually remarked, “You know, we could live anywhere we wanted and do what we do.”


That has been our dream — to be able to do our work from anywhere.  But somehow, it had always seemed like we had to be making big bucks to be able to do that.  As he said that, though, the truth dawned on me as surely as it had on him:  Our living, regardless of the size, was mostly made online, so it really didn’t matter where we lived.


What an intriguing thought that was!  Could we really live anywhere?  In the world???  Where would we want to live?  Would we want to buy a home someplace else and settle in for the long haul … or live someplace for a few years, then move on to explore other frontiers?


We began to think seriously about it.  We considered a few other countries, but despite our love of overseas travel, two things helped us decide to stay in the US.  First of all, it would be extremely difficult to move Bill’s vintage knitting machines oversees.  Second, despite whatever problems our nation is going through, we are both irrevocably American.  We love our country.  We may visit other countries, but this is where we belong. We are committed to seeing America through.


Well, that narrowed it down somewhat (and strengthened my personal patriotism).  But the USA is still a pretty big place, with lots of options to choose from.  We felt we had plenty of time to dream, so we listed out the places we thought were intriguing or practical:  California (where my family and many friends are, not to mention beautiful weather and scenery).  Maryland (where we already were, and we love the Eastern Shore — with plenty of very cool old houses to be had).  East Tennessee (which had taken the position of my favorite place in the world from Florence, Italy years before).  New Mexico (a place we both love and find fascinating).  Idaho (someplace Bill has wanted to check out).  There were other places, too, but those were the top runners.


We spent a great deal of time looking at homes online in each of those places, poring over chamber of commerce websites, reading reviews, etc. We already had an idea of our priorities, but even those became clearer as we considered our options.



Finally, I came home one day to another insight Bill had: We’d get more bang for our buck in East Tennessee. Since we do our business online, it isn’t geared to any particular economy. We will make the same amount of money regardless of where we are. Our $1 is worth 20% more in East Tennessee than in Maryland, so that was definitely something to consider.


We pinpointed an area that we liked: Mountains, rivers, waterfalls … tourists (in case we want to open a shop) … small town. Since we already had a wonderful realtor (Joe Brown of Keller Williams) selling our home in Sweetwater, and the town we were looking at was in the same county, we engaged Joe to find some “sample” properties for us to check out.


I’ll tell about that in another post and give you more details. In the meantime, check out Bill’s very first blog post to get the bottom line on what we are doing. Be sure to leave a comment for him!  We have a lot to tell you — about the property itself, our plans for it, what we’ll be doing … and more.  Not to mention lots of pictures.



I’ll get back to my series about Isaiah 54 soon.  It just felt like it had been pretty heavy for a while and we needed to have a lighter topic for a bit.  Besides, I’ve been seriously bursting at the seams to tell you all about this!  For the next part of the saga, go here.


Until next time!  Love and hugs,



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PPPS – And because so many of you have asked, yes, I’m working on book four of the Isaiah Cadre Series, The Voice of Your Cry.  I’m hoping to have it available by the end of the summer, but no promises.  With our move, it may be more realistic to expect it around Christmas, but I’ll keep you up to date.  In the meantime, if you want to check out my Pinterest board for it, you can start getting an idea of what it’s about.  Just click on the picture to the left.


Isaiah Cadre Questions to Journal or Discuss:

  1. What is your big dream?
  2. How did God put that on your heart?
  3. What are your biggest fears about it?
  4. What are you doing to reach toward it?


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