Help Me Choose My Next Cover!

I’m working on book number 4 of the Isaiah Cadre series and I need your help.  Here are several potential covers.  Which do you like?  What are your thoughts?  Please leave your comments below.  And thanks!

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Lynne B.

I nominate the woman above the train tracks (in green.) I prefer that one because the woman who appears in despair is directly above a train track. To me this signifies a clear path for her to follow, and that the right “tract” is there for her choosing. Thank you!


I like the second one. I love
the symbolism of tears and rain. I also like the softer color of the
title strip. And the railroad tracks leading to the future : )


Definitely the first one. I love Lynne B’s reasons and would add that the colors look great, too.

Stacie G

i was drawn to the first one right away. I ruled out each of the others for various reasons and decided there wasn’t another i like better. It is the lady in the window on top and train tracks below, in green. The train tracks show choices of directions to go.

Luanne Black

Definitely the cover with the statue on top and the modern on bottom.

Brianna A

I like the stature, but I also like the woman in the rain in the top ones.
My favorite though, is the first two. The green seems slightly more joyful in tone, where as the yellow is softer and sadder, so I think that should depend on the final tone of the story. Does the story in this book end in peace and joy, or a cliff hanger struggle, leading into #5?