GPS Walkers Are On Their Way!

Lyn Hanush, Kat Garrett, Dave Hanush (The dog is Mr Bentley, who just recently passed away.)The GPS Walkers Are On Their Way!

If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of walking across the US, meet my parents, Dave & Lyn Hanush, and my daughter, Kat Garrett. Mom has walked the entire west and east coasts, as well as all the way across the US, from the Washington/Canada border to Key West, Florida.  Various people accompanied her on different parts of these walks.
Now, she, my dad, and my daughter, Kat, are heading off to spend 2-3 years walking across all the (continental) states she hasn’t already covered.  Their route kind of zig-zags to hit all these states.
They left on the first leg of their GPS (Go, Pray, Serve) journey on Thursday, the National Day of Prayer, as had been their goal. They didn’t get very far, but wanted to at least get on the road. They are traveling slowly at this point, spending a lot of their time getting the motor home organized for the trip.

The Plan For This Leg

Their Approximate Route

On this first leg, they are traveling across the South, and then will go up the east coast, ending in Maine, where they will start walking back across the USA. This driving part will hopefully be somewhat relaxing, as they have been working very hard to get everything ready, putting their things into storage, and renting their house out for the 2-1/2 to 3 years they expect the GPS walk to take. They also need to have some relaxation now to prepare for what can be a pretty grueling time, walking 20-30 miles most days, through all kinds of weather.
If you’re interested in following them, be sure to check out their website (click on the map to the right — sorry it’s blurry).

Putting A Face On America

Mom’s Book About Her 2003-2004 Walk Across America

You can also read my mom’s book about her walk across America the other direction. Putting a Face on America (click on the picture of the book to the left).  (Note that if you get this book, using my link, I may get a little money from Amazon — sometimes it works, sometimes not.  Normally, this money goes to helping keep old people [us] off the street, but if we get anything from this book, we will use it to help keep the GPS Walkers on the street!)
I know they would appreciate your prayers, and we will have addresses for them (usually General Delivery) along the way, if you want to write letters to them or send them encouragement. I’ll try to remember to include those addresses in future posts as I get them, but always feel free to remind me.

And A Highway Shall Be There

I’ve begun work on my next novel in the Isaiah Cadre Series and one of the main themes is prayerwalking.  (How could it not be, right?)  (There will also be a marriage proposal, but I won’t spoil it by saying who.)

Would you like to be on the prayer team while I’m writing it?

Here’s what’s involved: Pray as the Lord leads. I will add you to a group private message on Facebook and send out sporadic requests as I’m working on the book. They tend to be along the line of asking for God’s guidance and inspiration, asking Him to help me through emotional issues that come up as I write, prayer for self-discipline, praying for those who will eventually read it … and I often share victories and joys, and sometimes excerpts from the book (in its draft form). You can pray for a request just when you read it, or if you want to add it to your prayer list and keep praying, that’s awesome. You can also pray as the Lord leads. If you’ve been on one of my prayer teams before, you’re especially welcome! When I’m looking for beta readers, I go to my prayer team first, but it’s definitely not a requirement. In fact, I welcome you to the prayer team, even if you aren’t interested in ever reading the book. Please let me know if you would be interested in being on this prayer team. Thank you so much!!!


The After Effects of Rape

After reading Beauty for Ashes, some of you have asked me to write more about what a woman goes through as a result of rape.  Wow, do I appreciate that you’re trying to understand this!


I haven’t had a chance to write anything yet, but Bill (my wonderful husband) brought my attention to this article, and I felt that it was a very important one to pass along.  Please do read it.  (Click on the picture.)


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